• festkontakt 5
  • festkontakt 5

FEST Kontakt - adhesion promoter 5kg


14.50 EUR

FEST Kontakt - adhesion promoter  5kg 
FEST Kontakt - Dispersible, ready to use bonding bridge with added quartz aggregate. VERY HIGH ADHESION.

Suitable for priming all surfaces. After application, the surface is rough, which improves the adhesion when applying more layers.  Reduces and equalizes absorbency of the substrate.

FEST Contact is suitable for priming plasterboards, ceramic tiles, smoothed concrete, plasters, OSB boards, etc.

Ideal for priming before plastering works (microcement, plaster, mosaic plasters, organic plasters etc.).

Application with a roller, brush, trowel, etc.

It contains no solvents.

Consumption 0.1-0.3 kg / m²